Dallas Tap Dazzlers

The Dallas Tap Dazzlers is an exciting and versatile senior dance group formed in 1990 with seven members and now has over 25 dancers and is considered to be the premier dance troupe in its field.  The average member age is 71 with the oldest being 86! 

The Dazzlers perform year-round for audiences of all ages throughout Texas and beyond, entertaining at more than 3,000 events to date. This popular ensemble has earned lavish praise for their dazzling costumes, high kicks and outstanding legs! 

Director/Founder and principal choreographer, Fran Dempsey, a former Kilgore College Rangerette officer, keeps the Dazzlers on their toes by insisting on professional performance standards in dance and expression.  The Dazzlers perform complex tap steps as well as precision and line formations. To emphasize their belief in maintaining vitality throughout life, a Dazzler motto is “If you rest, you rust!”   This non-profit organization has no sponsors and receives occasional contributions, which enables members to continue to entertain thousands. 

This dynamic group has won several regional and national dance competitions and have been featured in numerous news publications. Performances include opening for a Lee Greenwood concert, Billy Bob's Texas, the Texas Governor’s inauguration, state and national pageants, appeared on America's Got Talent in Los Angeles, on all Dallas' major TV stations, in parades and in a Cross Canadian Ragweed country music video, a CMA nominee.  The group also placed first in San Antonio’s Battle of the Flowers parade and was featured in the 2000 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

The Dazzlers’ mission is to inspire others to stay physically and mentally fit, while enjoying the fun and camaraderie of those who share the passion of tap. 

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972-247-3366 | fran@dallastapdazzlers.org or fran5678@tx.rr.com
Frances Dempsey, Director | 3512 Brookline Lane, Dallas, TX 75234

Dallas Tap Dazzlers | 501(c)(3) non-profit, publicly-supported organization

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